Seaside Equity Announces Partnership with PayReel, a Leading Tech-Enabled Human Resources Compliance and Payrolling Solution

September 26, 2022

SAN DIEGO, CA – Seaside Equity Partners, LLC (“Seaside Equity”) is pleased to announce it has partnered with PayReel, LLC, (“PayReel” or the “Company”) a leading tech-enabled provider of human resource compliance, worker classification, and payrolling solutions.

PayReel provides a comprehensive HR compliance platform to clients that depend on contingent workers as a critical factor of their day-to-day operations. Leveraging its proprietary, cloud-based technology platform, PayReel delivers a wide range of services including onboarding workers, identifying employment risks, ensuring regulatory compliance and administering worker benefits. The Company’s meticulous attention to regulations and customer-first approach has allowed PayReel to become a trusted partner to a variety of Fortune 1000 organizations. PayReel was founded in 1995 and is based in Golden, CO.

 “We are very excited to bring Seaside on as a partner,” said Heidi McLean, founder of PayReel, “We were impressed with their collaborative and strategic approach and believe their extensive experience in building businesses will result in a tremendous benefit to our team, our clients, and the workers on our platform.”

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead a company that is poised for such exciting growth as we aim to broaden our breadth and depth of capabilities,” said Todd Keener, CEO of PayReel. “I believe PayReel’s customer centric strategy and disciplined focus on building great technology coupled with Seaside’s strategic resources will allow us to achieve new heights while maintaining our tremendous culture and commitment to employees.”

 “We are honored to partner with Heidi, Todd and the PayReel team as we celebrate the Company’s accomplishments to date and prepare for significant growth in the coming years. In a labor environment that has undergone significant disruption over the past few years, PayReel’s solutions have risen in importance and relevance for corporate enterprises. We look forward to building the Company’s technology solutions and continuing to prioritize customer satisfaction as we look ahead to the next phase of growth,” said Hiral Pithadia at Seaside Equity Partners. 

About PayReel

PayReel is a leading tech-enabled provider of human resource compliance, worker classification, services, and payrolling solutions. The Company’s workforce suite allows clients to manage their contingent workforce and contractor payments quickly and confidently. PayReel was founded in 1995 and is based in Golden, CO.

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About Seaside Equity Partners

Seaside Equity Partners is a growth-oriented and operationally focused private equity firm based in San Diego, CA. The firm seeks to provide capital, resources and strategic support to leading mission critical services businesses that are headquartered in the Western United States. Seaside is currently investing out of a $160 million investment vehicle that closed in February 2021, which focuses on partnering with founder, family, and entrepreneur-owned businesses.

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