Intermediaries and Independent Sponsors


Building collaborative relationships with intermediaries is a critical part of our success. Seaside has a track record of working with a broad network of referral sourcing including advisory firms, investment banks, business brokers, accounting firms, operating partners. As a key success factor to cultivating these relationships, we strive to deliver on the following:
Origination professionals dedicated to fostering dialogue with both new and existing intermediates.
Timely Feedback
A streamlined internal review process to ensure intermediaries receive expedited feedback.
We are devoted to understanding each of the stakeholders objectives and facilitating clear and concise communications.

Buyside Referral Program

Our Buyside Referral Program is an opportunistic approach that allows anyone to participate in our investment origination process. At Seaside, we always welcome to new ideas and value your consideration of us as a partner. As a reward for qualifying participation in this program, Seaside offers referral fees to individuals and companies that introduce us to opportunities that we invest in.

Please direct any questions or introductions to:

Independent Sponsors

As former independent sponsors ourselves, Seaside has a unique appreciation for the types of partnerships between equity capital providers and independent sponsors that lead to success.

Seaside has the capital, experience and collaborative mindset to serve as the ideal equity capital partner for independent sponsors.


We know how to work with independent sponsors and have the flexibility to structure fair deals that align incentives.


Our investment professionals have hands-on experience driving growth and value creation at partner companies.


Our team is highly nimble, with the ability to get to a quick yes/no decision and to operate on tight deal timelines.

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