Partnering with Seaside

The Seaside Difference

People & Culture
We look to partner with great companies and management teams. We strive to preserve and build upon the foundation and values that have allowed our companies to be successful.
Value-Added Services
We work closely with our management teams and are willing to roll up our sleeves, to help them navigate operational complexities while maintaining their strategic vision.
Accelerate Growth
We are growth-minded investors with a track record of scaling businesses through both inorganic initiatives and add-on acquisitions.

Our Value-Added Services

With over 60 years of combined experience investing in founder, family and entrepreneur-owned businesses, we have developed a tailored approach to fit the needs of any individual business owner. We will work with founders and management teams to develop and finetune a strategic approach that will drive growth while maintaining the core principles of the company.

We understand the importance of investing in and preserving a company’s culture, systems, legacy and most importantly its people. Alongside capital, we seek to provide our partner companies with an array of customized Value-Added Services that are complementary to the company’s existing resources.

We have a dedicated team of operations professionals, as well as a network of external resources ready to deliver the sophistication required to create long-term, sustainable value.

Our Approach to Partnerships

Partnership Mindset
We commit 100% effort to each of our partnerships in order to provide our management teams with support and time to focus on strategy and growth.
Market Expertise

We have a passion for learning about all business models and appreciate that each company is differentiated in unique ways.

Responsive and Efficient
We are nimble and adaptive to meet the timelines and goals we collectively set out to achieve.
Communicative & Transparent

We believe successful relationships are built on open and honest communication. We strive to establish camaraderie beginning on Day 1.

We are level-headed business partners and are deeply aware of the areas in which we can add value.
Integrity and Ethics

We are team-oriented, forward-thinking and prioritize values at the forefront of everything we do.

Explore Opportunities to Partner With Us

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