Investment Criteria

We Seek To Invest In Companies With Strong Foundations And Opportunities For Outsized Growth

Who We Partner With


Western U.S.


Mission Critical Services


Less than $15 million

Transaction Type

Majority Ownership; Focus on Alignment with Key Stakeholders

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Geographical Focus

Western United States

We believe in-person interactions are critical to the development of quality, long-lasting relationships.

We seek to partner with companies headquartered in the Western United States where we can provide more localized support and establish camaraderie with our management teams.

Our regional focus also allowed us to deliver a deeper network of resources, heighted understanding of local market dynamics and greater alignment in our core values.

Broomfield, CO
Cascade Training Solutions
Seattle, WA
Andersen Commercial Plumbing
La Verne, CA
Outdoor Dimensions
Anaheim, CA
San Diego, CA
BlueThread Services
Denver, CO
Golden, CO
Pebble Technology
Scottsdale, AZ
FirstLine Road Solutions
Phoenix, AZ
Frontier Services Group
Houston, TX
Truepoint Solutions
Loomis, CA
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