Cascade Training Solutions Announces Acquisition of LifeSaver CPR

Accelerates Regionally-Focused Strategy to Build a Leading Healthcare Certification and Workplace Safety Training Provider

October 18, 2022

SEATTLE, WA – Seaside Equity Partners-backed Cascade Training Solutions is pleased to announce it has acquired LifeSaver CPR, LLC (“LifeSaver CPR” or the “Company”), a market-leading provider of continuing education and training services to healthcare and enterprise organizations throughout Northern California.

LifeSaver CPR offers a best-in-class suite of training and certification solutions for multiple end-markets, including healthcare, fire safety, education, commercial, and industrial. Since being founded by Chris Peters in 2009, the Company has served thousands of students and grown to serve multiple verticals.

“We are excited to be partnering with the team at LifeSaver CPR. The Company’s focus on delivering high quality healthcare and workplace safety training to professionals spanning across clinical to industrial settings is consistent with our priorities at Cascade,” said Cascade President Paul Regalia. “We look forward to continuing to serve LifeSaver CPR’s customers with the same level of professionalism and providing them with additional value as we continue to expand our footprint in their local markets.”

“The Cascade Training team has built a tremendous platform of scale to serve customers in a differentiated way, and I look forward to providing LifeSaver CPR’s customers with enhanced service and course offerings through this partnership. Cascade’s prioritization of its people and delivering high quality training is aligned with what I have prioritized since founding LifeSaver CPR, and I am confident Cascade will be a great steward for the Company,” said Chris Peters, Founder of LifeSaver CPR.

About Cascade Training Solutions

Cascade is a leading provider of healthcare and workplace safety training services to professionals throughout the Western U.S. The Company partners with leading medical research organizations, including the American Heart Association, Emergency Nurses Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics to provide best-in-class instruction to tens of thousands of students annually. Cascade maintains its leading market position through long-term relationships with hospital systems and enterprises. Cascade is actively evaluating acquisitions in the healthcare and workplace safety training industry.

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About Seaside Equity Partners

Seaside Equity Partners is a growth-oriented and operationally focused private equity firm based in San Diego, CA. The firm seeks to provide capital, resources and strategic support to leading mission critical services businesses that are headquartered in the Western United States. Seaside is currently investing out of a $160 million investment vehicle that closed in February 2021, which focuses on partnering with founder, family, and entrepreneur-owned businesses.

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