Peak View Launches Multi-Phase Growth Strategy with Acquisition of Revelation Roofing of the Rockies

January 12, 2022

Colorado Springs, CO – Peak View Roofing (“Peak View”), a turnkey provider of roofing, exterior restoration, reconstruction, and other exterior facility services, has announced the launch of a strategic growth plan set to further expand its geographical footprint and grow its portfolio of services. Leveraging its best-in-class leadership team, reputation of exemplary service and highly sophisticated operational structure, Peak View is continuing to enhance its platform by partnering with and acquiring leading service providers in the region. 

“The market presents a vast amount of opportunity which Peak View is uniquely positioned to capture”, said Brynne Smith, Chief Executive Officer at Peak View. “We look forward to building on the company’s momentum to create a platform that can be a one-stop shop to all property stakeholders.”

As a part of Peak View’s defined growth strategy, the company is actively seeking new partnership opportunities which exhibit the following foundational pillars:

  • Exceptional Reputation and Well-Recognized Brand Name
  • Comprehensive, High-Quality Service Offerings 
  • Deep Expertise in Servicing Commercial, Multi-Family and Residential Exteriors (Roofs, Gutters, Siding, Painting, Decks, etc.)
  • Excellent Customer Relationships with Track Record of Repeat Business
  • Complimentary Geography to the Existing Footprint
  • First-Class Operational Infrastructure 

As the first milestone of this initiative, Peak View is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Revelation Roofing of the Rockies (“Revelation”).  Revelation is a full-service roofing provider that offers roof replacement, construction, repairs, snow removal and other protective services to clients in Steamboat Springs, CO and the surrounding area. After being founded in 2008 by Kona Ward, Revelation’s quality workmanship and excellent customer service have allowed the company to become the trusted partner to property managers, HOAs, commercial building owners and homeowners throughout the region.

“We are beyond excited to join forces with the team at Peak View”, said Kona Ward. “The combination of our organizations will add the resources and infrastructure necessary to continue expanding our business while delivering the same high-quality service our customers are accustomed to.”

“We have been impressed by Revelation’s leading market position, strong customer support, and rapid growth over the years,” said Jeff Pierce, Founder and President at Peak View. “It demonstrates all of the characteristics we look for when entering a new partnership and will be very additive to our growing platform.”

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About Peak View Roofing
Peak View is a long-standing, market leader in roofing and exterior services, providing remediation, restoration, replacement, service, repair and maintenance for commercial, multi-family, and residential customers. The company’s exemplary customer service and fine workmanship have allowed Peak View to become a trusted service provider to its expansive installed base. Peak View is based in Colorado Springs with an expanding geographic footprint.

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About Seaside Equity Partners
Seaside Equity Partners is a growth-oriented and operationally focused private equity firm based in San Diego, CA. The firm seeks to provide capital, resources and strategic support to leading mission critical services businesses that are headquartered in the Western United States. Seaside is currently investing out of Fund I, a $160 million investment vehicle that closed in February 2021, which focuses on partnering with founder, family, and entrepreneur-owned businesses.

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