Absolute Performance announces the acquisition of Zunesis, Inc.

August 9, 2021

SAN DIEGO, CA – Absolute Performance (“API”), a Seaside Equity Partners, LLC (“Seaside Equity”) portfolio company is pleased to announce the acquisition of Zunesis, Inc., a leading provider of Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and consulting services. Since its founding in 2004, Zunesis has helped enterprise, mid-market and public sector clients with their IT strategy, infrastructure and data center needs. Zunesis complements API’s end-to-end IT managed services offerings to enterprise and middle-market clients across the United States.

“Zunesis has deep expertise in IT infrastructure strategy and planning and serves a distinguished customer base of leading companies in their fields. We are thrilled to be joining API’s capabilities with those of Zunesis to deliver a best-in-class suite of IT managed service solutions to our combined customer base,” said Scott Shafer, CEO of Absolute Performance.

Steve Shaffer, CEO and founder of Zunesis, said “Absolute Performance and Seaside Equity have the right vision, strategy and culture to deliver world class IT services throughout the industry. This partnership strengthens our capabilities, reach and capital base fueling the next chapter of growth for Zunesis while providing new and exciting opportunities for Zunesis employees.”

“The acquisition of Zunesis represents an important milestone for both companies signifying the combination of two leaders in the IT services industry that have experienced rapid growth and momentum independently. Both companies will realize even greater growth as part of a unified platform and a stronger capital base. We look forward to building our platform through future investments in leading IT service providers throughout the country,” said Navid Shirazi, Principal at Seaside Equity.

About Absolute Performance:
Absolute Performance, Inc. (“API”) is a leading provider of IT managed services with customers ranging from Fortune 500 to mid-market organizations across a wide range of verticals. API provides an end-to-end suite of IT services including cybersecurity, 24/7 monitoring and management, IBM infrastructure management and modernization, cloud hosting, and IT outsourcing. API is based in Broomfield, CO.

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About Zunesis:
Zunesis’ vision is to make the lives of its customers better by managing their IT strategy and management needs. Zunesis is a prominent IT Solutions provider in enterprise infrastructure, Microsoft Solutions, edge computing, networking and on-premise and cloud solutions. Zunesis services both public and private sector customers and provides all services to help assess and improve any technology environment. Zunesis is based in Englewood, CO.

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About Seaside Equity Partners:
Seaside Equity Partners is a growth-oriented private equity firm that seeks to provide capital, resources, and strategic support to leading providers of mission critical services headquartered in the Western United States. Seaside leverages decades of investing experience to empower businesses to reach their full potential. Seaside is currently investing out of Fund I, which is a $160 million investment vehicle that closed in February 2021.

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